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Credit goes to 2bass

[reposted post] Thank you for comparing me to Nazis

I appreciate that, you have been warned.

Comment threads were frozen to remain as evidence of your behavior and prevent you from twisting anybody's words.
I once again ask you to seek help.

Happy Birthday smut_slut



Hope you have an amazing day!

Not gonna change who I am

This is not for people that have been my friends on here for awhile this is for some new people who followed me from communities and added me that I thought were friends that I have now deleted. This is a public entry just so those people know.

I well not stop being who I am. If you followed me from a comm and did not like what I was discussing then that is to bad. I am sorry if you did not like the topic or if it made you uncomfortable then maybe next time you should read what it is about before you jump ahead and yell at other people. Another thing I well not make a sock account...whatever the hell that is I never heard of that. This is my journal and I refuse to make more than one just to hide something. If you look at my interest and see something you do not like that is not my problem do not shame me at all. Yes I read fanfiction and yes it my seem odd to other people but do not tell me how to act or what to do. I have had enough people tell me I am odd and I don't need it form someone who thinks they are helping me, you are not god and I really don't give a damn.

Also please stop leaving me hateful messages it is not being read and I am just blocking you it is getting old and I really do not give a damn what you have to say. I do what I do watch what I watch read what I read and if you think it is gross find it odd or just something you don't like then don't friend me. Also please don't follow me from other comms to voice your opinion because I really don't care. It was a discussion where people should not be shamed.

This is my journal I don't hide from my friends even online ones. I am open and honest and if you don' understand that it is not my problem. I refuse to be told how gross I am. I use my journal for everything my communities, my friends and my fandom's. Like I said before don't like it that is to damn bad. So please just go away just because you can hide behind your name does not make you a better person. Thank you for your time now please just leave me alone. 

Writer's Block: Stomach pains

If you had to participate in an eating contest, what food would you pick to eat?

Tacos that would be great...

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